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Kids Curtains

Curtains have the potential to truly transform a room, adding the finishing touches to help create your perfect interior scheme. Decorate your baby’s nursery room with a choice of digitally printed kids curtains from our store.

At Linen N Decor we sell exclusively designed digital printed beautiful blockout baby and kids curtains as per latest trends. We have a great range of bright, colourful and playful designs such as featuring Jungle animals, sea life, fairies, mermaid, cars, planes, puppies and many more.

Let your child’s room radiate with these amazing bright colours and prints and brings a smile on his face every time he gets a glimpse of his favourite cartoon character. Moreover, these Kids curtains make sure that your child has an undisturbed day sleep as it is incorporated with blockout features. These kids curtains block sunlight and provide insulation to prevent noise for entering.

All of our kids and baby curtains are designed while keeping the blissful childhood of your little one’s in mind, we work hard to provide them with a mix of ultimate fun with a chance to live in world of their own imaginations.

Digital Prints: All of our Kids Curtains are digitally printed. Digital prints unlike the normal rotary prints gives a choice to print a lot more colour shades on the fabric. With digital prints, printing is done directly on the fabric from a digital image. The inks used in digital printing are formulated specifically for each type of fibre. During the printing process, the fabric is fed through the printer using rollers and ink is applied to the surface in the form of thousands of tiny droplets. The fabric is then finished using heat and/or steam to cure the ink (some inks also require washing and drying). Digital prints are of very high quality and are picture-perfect. They retain their grace for very long..


Triple Weave BlockoutFabric Curtains

1. Blockout : Our Kids curtains are made of triple weave faux Silk polyester fabric. Triple weave fabrics are the latest trend in block out curtains which involves weaving one black fabric between 2 layers of white or grey fabric. The middle black layer acts as blockout without the need of chemical backing. There is no chemical peel off or bad smelling generally associated with synthetic linings. They block up to 99% of direct sunlight.

2. Excellent Thermal Properties : Triple weave fabric curtains have excellent thermal properties which help keep the warmth in the house during winter by providing a good barrier between the colder outside and the warmer inside preventing heat transfer. The opposite applies during the summer. Moreover these curtains are fire resistant.

3. Glossy Shiny Look : Polyester fabric used in the construction of these curtains give it a really good glossy and shiny looks to the colours printed on them. These curtains have long life span and does not shrink or loose shape even on several washes.

4. Easy care fabric:triple weave fabric is very easy care requiring simple cold machine wash and minimal ironing.

Sizes : All of our curtains comes in standard sizes of 120cm wide and 220cm deep.For a standard 2 meter window you would need 2 panels.
Matching Cushions and baby cot sets for many themes are also available to purchase from our store.