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Bath Mats

Bath Mats- To Give Warm Welcome To Every Bathroom User

While sprucing up a bathroom, only few people focus on the bath rugs. Rather, they are inclined to replace their sinks, tubs or any such accessories. But, now, it’s the time to give up such obsolete ideas. Give your soft feet, a warm landing and turn your bathroom’s look into more elegant type, simply by placing an attractive bathroom mat. Moreover, a handy bathroom mat may offer more protection and prevent everyone from getting slipped on the wet grounds. Besides, with bath rug, you may find a more comfortable surface on which you can walk with no risk. So, choose a mat that can complement the decorations of your bathroom.

Mats of different materials

You can easily buy the best quality bath mats, only when you know about the materials and the colors used in those products. These mats may be found in a variety of materials though the cotton, bamboo, polyester and chenille nylon are likely to be most popular.

Cotton rugs – They are most extensively used rugs as they are perfect for any bathroom. There is another reason of its popularity. The cotton mats can be dried easily as they are very thin in nature. Thus, depending on the interiors of your bathroom, you may pick anyone but do not forget to dry up the mat, after using it.

Chenille rugs – Chenille rugs with solid or textured pattern as well as a braided structure will add unique style to your bathroom. These are such mats, which are generally made of acrylic or rayon. Moreover, these are more resilient than the cotton ones. In spite of their daily exposure to wet surface, these rugs do not get scratched easily.

Bamboo rugs– Those, who want to create a fancy and nice look to the bathroom, the bamboo rugs are the ideal choice. They are found in thin but solid texture. These highly durable bathroom rugs are, however, not a suitable option to those, who like to enjoy the smoothness of the mats on the feet.

Polyester and nylon- These are the most durable stuffs to be used in the bath mats. And, thus, these kinds of rugs can be chosen for high traffic areas of a bathroom.

Choosing the bath mat as per the different features

Absorbency- The absorbency is one of the important features of any bathroom rug as this quality is able to prevent the growth of mould and lessen the possibility of accidents. Obviously, the absorbency rate depends on the material you have chosen. Bamboo-made rugs have wonderful absorbing property.

Slip Resistance- This significant trait can be found only if the base of the mat has anti-skid fabric or a rubber pad.

Color- Bathroom rugs may be found in a great range of colors, and you may either choose a single color all through the year or can change it with each season. Whatever shade you prefer, it must match the wall paint as well as the other decorations of your lavatory. For example, green and blue rugs look wonderful during summer while dark colors are more appropriate for the frosty days.

Designs - There are countless designs of bath mats, and some of these are foot shaped, round shaped, heart shaped and many other geometric patterns.

With all these info, you can buy the best bath mats to modernize your bathroom.