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Baby Cot Sets

Give your little Angel's Room a Stunning Look

Give your baby’s room a stunning looking by choosing from our range of digitally printed - mixed and matched Baby cot sets. At Linen N decor our Baby cot sets comes with a plain fitted sheet, digitally printed quilt cover with microfiber filler, full sized printed cot bumper and a printed baby cushion. They are made from the best quality cotton which makes them safe for the sensitive skin of children. Your children will never suffer from skin irritation or rashes as they are skin friendly and allergen free.

Digital Prints: All of our baby Cot sets are digitally printed. Digital prints unlike the normal rotary prints gives a choice to print a lot more colour shades on the fabric. With digital prints, printing is done directly on the fabric from a digital image. The inks used in digital printing are formulated specifically for each type of fibre. During the printing process, the fabric is fed through the printer using rollers and ink is applied to the surface in the form of thousands of tiny droplets. The fabric is then finished using heat and/or steam to cure the ink (some inks also require washing and drying). Digital prints are of very high quality and are picture-perfect. They retain their grace for very long.

Mix & Match Concept: Our baby cot sets come in coordinated mix and match concepts in which we match the prominent colour in the parent design with lighter or darker shade of same.

Fitted Crib Sheet: All of our fitted crib sheets are made of premium quality soft cotton fabric, we carefully select the thickness of them to give the baby best sleep. Our fitted cotton sheet have a typical thread count of 250 - 300. Cotton is a breathable fabric which helps in circulating the air around the baby.
Cot Bumper: Babies need a lot of care especially when they are going to sleep.There is a risk of injury to your child even inside their cot due to the sturdy railings but you can reduce the risk of injury by using cot bumpers. These bumpers will protect your child from all kind of hazard. In addition, they are designed according to the likes of children.

These things can offer your child a cosy sensation and offer them a safe and comfortable place to sleep. These cot bumpers, crib bedding set are designed by keeping in mind the likes of children. They are beautifully coloured with cute and adorable designs which will bring a sense of happiness and pleasant sensation around the room. They are mix and matched with bright colours which children love. The designs are mostly in a cartoon concept which can bring a sense of excitement in every child. You can also make your kids’ childhood memorable by tying these
bumpers around their cot. They are digitally printed therefore impart a clear and bright appearance. You can choose a special design for your son and your daughter from a wide range. These beautiful mushy baby cot sets will turn their cot into a fascinating place to play, sit and sleep.

Our Baby cot sets comes with four bumpers, 2 each for longer sides and shorter sides of the cot. Top side is printed whereas reverse side is in matching plain colour. There are 14 tie-up points on the bumper which you can use to tie it firmly on the railing of the cot. Moreover, they are washable which prevent any accumulation of germs and bugs.